If I die at a young age or unexpectedly, don’t dwell on how much of a shock it is. Make duaa for me. Forgive me. Pray for jannah for me. Pray for ease for my family. That is how you can prove your love for me.

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i’m so excited for ramadan. the peace and tranquility, motivation to do good deeds, everyone on their best behavior, sharing food for iftaar with the neighbors, no music in public places, reading quran all the time, long tarawih prayers, the last ten nights, getting ready for eid, chaand raat, everything. i love ramadan and insha Allah, this year’s will be the best so far.

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Blue Mosque.
Goodbyes in this life remind you how temporary everything is.
In Jannah, there will be no goodbyes. There and only there we can be forerever In Jannah, there will be no goodbyes. There and only there we can be forerever with our loved ones.
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Your whole life is written in a book. Fill your pages with good. One day, God will ask you to read it.

Close your eyes, remind yourself that Allah is watching. Your efforts, your deeds, your patience will never go wasted.
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A warrior feeds her body well. She trains it, works on it. Where she lacks knowledge, she studies. But above all, she must believe in her strength of will and purpose and heart and soul.
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return to Him. return to Him. return to Him. even if it’s your hundredth time, find Him. find Him and rest your heart with Him.

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Be with someone that makes you want to embrace Allah. Be with someone that reminds you that your deen is more important than fleeting moments that pass between you two.That although their love for you is strong, Allah’s love is greater. So much greater. Be with someone that reminds you to wake up for fajr, that doesn’t influence you lie to anyone, especially yourself. You are questioned for everything in your life. You’re going to be questioned for the reason you’re with your significant other.
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*hits on you* *actually hits you*

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You don’t know love until you know of Allah’s Love. You think love is a feeling, that love is butterflies, that love comes from attraction, that love can be broken, you think there can be an absence of love. How then do you know of Allah’s love? That the Creator has fashioned you, then He clothed you, then He sustained you, then He gave you, then He raised you, then He forgave you, then He brought you closer, then He smiled upon you. There was never a moment that Allah did not love you. How many times did you turn away, yet never once did the Creator turn away from you. How many times did you disobey Him, yet never once did He withhold His Sustenance from reaching your plate. How many times did you ask of Him, never once has He asked of you anything that He has created. How then, can we claim to love and to know what love is, when we have not even understood the magnitude of our Creator’s Love?
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Your desires own you; enslave you. With each whim, you rush, nearly out of breath, to committing to them. They call, you answer. It becomes habit, the sins, they become habits. & now you are enslaved by desires and the progeny of desires; sins. Fool. & then you ponder as to why your level of Faith…


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